Letters To Damian is a collection of poems, love letters, and art depicting a

woman's journey through the emotional waves of Love to self-actualization. Divided into 4 chapters, the work explores The Beginning: falling in love, The Middle: heartbreak, The End: acceptance and healing, and the Conclusion: finding the Higher Self. A raw and messy passage through the highs and lows of a heart that has loved and lost, Letters To Damian not only speaks to the Lover in all of us, but it also gives hope to the brokenness within us, daring us to try again. This is not a singular story, but a collection that belongs to everyone who’s ever loved, faced their brokenness, and pieced themselves back together.

The work is a representation on my personal experience and the journey that forged the woman I am today. The letters are real letters, written in real time and carefully stored for a moment such as this; a moment I did not quite envision but had a understand of nonetheless. The poems carry their own weight in love, hurt, and courage. And the art, the art serves as footprints in the sand, marking every single step taken on the journey.