CUPID STANDOFF - Written/directed by Ajani Shakanova, Starring Anne-Marie Agbodji

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In other news, we're so excited to share that our first film, Les Papers Volants (Papers In The Wind) will have its world premiere in the city of Love (or Lights, whichever you prefer), as part of the 2017 Paris Independent Film Festival! The Fest will take place between November 19-21, 2017 at Ciné 13, in Montmartre, Paris.

We're beyond elated to have been selected as part of this lineup just 2 months after the film's completion! Check back in with us to find out the exact screening slot and to keep abreast of all of our festival appearances as we continue to submit our firstborn to film fests around the world. 

As we promote LPV, we're on to pre-production for our next short, Cupid, scheduled to begin filming this winter.

We've got so many stories to tell you and a wonderful ride to take you on, so come along and join us!