Les Papiers Volants (Papers In The Wind): The 5 W's

Our first film, Les Papiers Volants (Papers In The Wind) was completed in August 2017, and had its world premiere in November 2017, at the Paris Independent Film Festival, in Paris, France. Here's what there is to know.


Cécile Yéssimgbe, a migrant from an undisclosed African nation.


Stranded after being deserted by her partner, Cécile finds herself alone, broke, and unable to go home in shame. She seeks out Mr. Renard, in the hopes that this human resources agent, known to support immigrants, can lend a hand.


Modern times.


In a rural francophile town, somewhere in the West.


The story aims to explore the misconceptions many have about immigrants and migrants, their background and social status, and their experience once they arrive to new shores. 


As we continues submitting LPV to festivals around the world, we hope you''ll stay tuned and have the occasion to check us out. Visit us monthly to find out when and where you can watch Les Papiers Volants (Papers In The Wind).