Anne-Marie Agbodji - Cécile Yéssimgbé

Stéphane Titeca - M. Renard

Alexandre Yagoubi - Director of Photography

Ajani Shakanova - Editor

Cordeone -  Composer


Written & directed by Anne-Marie Agbodji




Cécile Yéssimgbé, a newly undocumented migrant, finds herself alone and out of options in a francophile nation after leaving her home country to follow her lover.  

A friend's tip leads her to M. Renard, the HR director at a two-bit recruitment firm who's known to pull strings and support illegals. Naive and wide-eyed, Cécile soon discovers that nothing comes without a price, as she's faced with the decision to choose between her future and her dignity.  

LPV had its world premier at the Paris Independent Film Festival, and continues to work the festival circuit.

I’m not quite sure where Les Papiers Volants came from. It’s something that I wrote spontaneously, with no real agenda a few years back; but when I found myself in France for 3 months with the burning desire to create, I rummaged through my hard drive for something, anything, that I could use right then and there. It just so happened that this film coincidentally is a reflection of our times.
— Anne-Marie Agbodji